Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

It is very important that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis in order to get the perfect, healthy, and fresh skin. It is a fact that our skin cells only live for two or three weeks, after that the dead skin cells start to build upon the surface of our skin. And if your skin is not exfoliated these dead skin cells will be retained and will result in the pores of our skin to be clogged. This fact in itself highlights how important it is to exfoliate our skins regularly.

Types of Skin Exfoliations

Basically, there are two main types of skin exfoliations that you can do, these are:

  1. Chemical exfoliation
  2. Physical exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation

You may think that a chemical exfoliation would do your skin more harm than good, well that is not true. By chemical, it means the use of fruit enzymes and mild facial acids. These are gentle on your skin and exfoliate without causing a sort of irritation or inflammation to your skin. You can learn more about skin exfoliation at Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology or any other reputable place.

Physical Exfoliation

As you may have already guessed, physical exfoliation uses a physical action for exfoliation. Basically, due to friction, the dead skin cells are removed from your skin. The results vary with the amount of friction that is used.

If you are confused which way to opt for then do not be, it is entirely up to you whether you want to go for chemical exfoliation or physical exfoliation. Both methods are safe for all skin types, however, do keep in mind that exfoliation should not be limited to your face only, you should exfoliate the rest of your body as well.

The Skin Care You Actually Need

We feel like the skincare industry is one of the hardest to navigate for anyone who wants to be good to themselves but at the same time, they’re overwhelmed by all sorts of cosmetic companies telling them different things that they need to do to look beautiful. On this page, we’ll make it easier for you to understand what kind of care your skin actually needs so the next time you’re at some cosmetic store, you know exactly what you want to get.

There’s actually a lot of different naturally occurring minerals and compounds that you can use to improve the condition of your skin but when it comes right down to the very basics of skin care, you don’t really need a whole lot. Here are some of the skin care pointers recommended by a plastic surgeon, Jim Brantner, in Kingsport, TN.

Deep Clean And Exfoliate

Your skin’s pores trap a lot of dust throughout the days. Fortunately, your skin is able to sweat out a lot of this dust and keep your pores clean but if you really want your skin to stay glowing, you should deep clean and exfoliate your skin using almond oil, tea tree oil, and clay masks.


Each time you wash your face with soap or some other body scrub material, you’re doing good and bad to your skin at the same time. Good, in the sense that your skin is getting thoroughly cleaned and bad in the sense that it’s also going to lose moisture. Using a simple, fragrant moisturizing lotion can really help.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful stuff and if you use too much of them, they can seriously damage your skin. However, if you use them right, oils like Rosehip, Lavender and Vitamin E can really help your skin stay youthful.