A Look at The LifeStraw

As much as we would like to think that drinking water directly from a pond or stream is safe, it is usually the other case. Almost all bodies of natural water now contain a number of varying contaminants and pollutants, making them unsafe to drink from, and if you do end up drinking it, you are more likely to become sick ranging from light nausea or a headache to contracting Naegleria, a brain-eating amoeba that is fatal. So, if you do plan on hiking or trekking for a few days, you should consider looking into buying a LifeStraw.

A LifeStraw is a portable water filter that you can use on the spot, over most bodies of water, and the water that passes through the LifeStraw is safe to drink. The LifeStraw managed to gain a lot of popularity as soon as it was released, in fact, it even got an award for being such a successful creation. So, if you look through any lifestraw review, you will find nothing but praises for the product, because it does do whatever it claims to do, and that is to filter out water and making it safer to drink.

There are different variants and versions of LifeStraws that are created to filter different kinds of substances, be it metals, debris, and other contaminants and so on. However, a LifeStraw cannot filter out salt from water, so you cannot really use it in the ocean or any other salt-water, so this is more thing to keep in mind when you are buying a water filter. At the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, the LifeStraw is a creation that is not just convenient and easy to use, but also really effective and good at doing its job as well.

Hand Blenders 101

Kitchen appliances have revolutionized the way we prepare food. They have made so any aspects of food preparation and preservation simpler and more efficient. One of the most versatile kitchen appliances to date is the hand blender. This highly versatile device allows you to attach multiple tools to its front. This effectively gives you multiple kinds of appliances in a single package. It goes without saying that a hand blender is a must have in any kitchen. It greatly improves your ability to get things done in the kitchen.

Now, there are literally countless hand blenders available in the market. You can find products that are simple and bare bone appliances and you can also find over the top products that really take hand blenders to the next level. Your hand blender experience will depend on what kind of appliance you pick. A low quality hand blender will not be as reliable as one that is well-made. You should keep in mind that appliances like these are designed to make your life easier. Meaning that they should provide you with solutions to problems rather than more problems.

Along with build quality and reliability, you should also think of exactly what kind of use are you planning on getting out of a hand blender. Based on your needs, you will want to get a hand blender has the right heads for you. Hand blenders usually come in sets; you get one hand blender and a number of different attachments for it.

Now, picking a hand blender can be rather confusing. Luckily, you can turn to websites such as Hakhour that can provide you with detailed reviews of various products. You can read a lot about hand blenders at and also acquaint yourself with a number of great  products.